The Society of Australian Punk Inc. (SOAP) was established to represent, partner with and support Australian punk research, projects and events.

As a non-profit incorporated association, SOAP is able to act as an auspice body for Australian punk projects if required, as well as exist as an online platform to showcase both Australian and International punk projects and events.

SOAP also supports and auspices philanthropic, charitable and fundraising activities that advance social or public welfare, culture and the environment and that benefit the broader community. SOAP is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)

Punk Journeyis a multimedia website showcasing the History of the Melbourne Punk Scene from 1977 – 1987.

This in-depth research project is essentially an online museum consisting of archival material from the Melbourne punk, post-punk and hardcore punk scene between the years 1977-1987.

This material is often rare in nature and includes written documentation, interviews, photos, flyers, video footage and MP3 tracks.

In the spirit of the punk/feminist movement, the Wayward Woman Giving Fund encourages women to become micro-philanthropists by being part of a like-minded charitable collective or 'Giving Circle' community and actively make meaningful change in the world.  

A Giving Circle is a collaborative philanthropic tool that leverages small amounts of money to make a more substantial cumulative impact. They are often democratic in their structure and practice. 

In the spirit of the punk DIY ethos, the Wayward Woman Giving Fund is a do it yourself (DIY) grassroots micro-philanthropic entity that raises funds for Australian not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and individual projects that advance women, children, the arts and the environment.

On the 14th Decemeber, 2020, Punk Journey represented Australian punk subculture by being part of the panel for the Australian and New Zealand arm of the 7th annual Punk Scholars Network Conference.

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